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Studio Bamboo

Studio Bamboo is a light & magnificent open space in Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Located at a beautiful quiet square just outside the centre of town in a unique house build in 1774. It’s an excellent place to practice yoga and meditation. All the teachers speak English and Portuguese.



I am a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and founder of studio Bamboo VRSA. For almost two decades I’m exploring the diversity of what yoga can be, may it be healing, strengthening, grounding or bringing light to one’s life. I see myself as a student who accompanies others on their journey by practicing mindfulness, breathing and functional movement. My goal is to make you feel at home in and at ease with your body, so that you can sprinkle kindness around like glitter in our beautiful world.


I am a certified Yoga for All and trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor and well-being coach. Yoga and mindfulness have been an integral part of my decade-long well-being journey and I now aim to share my learning with others. Prior to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, and mindful well-being coach, I enjoyed a career working within the UK Higher Education sector, with diverse roles in research and development, project management, and teaching. I now work part-time for the amazing health charity Cochrane while developing my own offerings the rest of the time.


I am a certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher with a passion for Vinyasa. I love the challenge that yoga brings to the body and mind and how it can create something so beautiful within us, allowing it to be shared outside the class.

Yoga Schedule

Monday @ 9:30 Yoga & 18:30 Easy flow Eva
Tuesday @ 9:30 Gentle Yoga and Mindful movement
Wednesday @ 9:30 & 18:30 Yoga
Thursday @ 9:30 Gentle Yoga and Mindful movement
Friday @ 9:30 Yoga
Saturday Pop up Yoga
Sunday @ 8:30 beach Yoga & swim & 17h Yoga


Single class – 12€
4 classes – 28€
8 classes – 50€
12 classes – 70€
Private – 30€
Unlimited yoga – 60€ PM
(Prices exclude VAT)

Yoga therapy – Intake free
75min session – 45€
5 sessions – 195€
(Prices exclude VAT)


Yoga on Location

Private or small group classes at the studio or at your hotel / venue / company / house from 25€. Contact us for options and details.


Urban Retreats

More info here


Experimentei uma aula por curiosidade. Gostei. E fiquei… já lá vão 4 anos… É uma prática que já faz parte da minha vida, e que me faz sentir bem.

The yoga class with Willemijn Ana at Studio Bamboo is peaceful and engaging. Feels very connected and conscious.
-Ana Paula-

O Studio Bamboo não é apenas um lugar físico, mas, com o tempo, torna-se um lugar da alma. Yoga e alma. Leve, agitada, com a chuva, na praia. Encontre amigos e amigos com quem andar um pedaço do caminho. Música, pintura, meditação, yogaterapia: um lugar para seus pensamentos e atitudes. Aqui você pode conhecer muitas partes de você. Deixe o rio fluir.

Willemijn Ana ‘s yoga classes at Studio Bamboo are an integral part of my life. I feel uplifted and inspired after each class. She is a caring and attentive teacher whose depth of knowledge helps us understand ourselves, our minds and our bodies much better thus making a positive contribution to our mental and physical health. I honestly could not recommend Studio Bamboo highly enough.

I have yoga class with Willemijn Ana every week at Studio Bamboo since 2019. We had to stop during Covid. Was a nightmare for all of us. But due to her determination we started yoga classes online (first time ever I followed such an activity) and later outside where we would go in spite of wind, sun or mosquitoes. I have followed yoga classes and teachers for some time, she has been the longest and I value her teachings and I admire her dedication and commitment to our wellbeing. The studio has always been a good place to meet new people from all over the globe and is always open and welcoming and has a friendly atmosphere.

As a recent VRSA resident, I searched for a place to continue my yoga practice that would meet me where I am now. I found Studio Bamboo with a quick Google search, and found a delightful and welcoming studio with classes that were intuitive, nurturing, and challenging as needed. I not only found a yoga studio, I quickly realized I joined a community and made many new friends. The yoga itself is truly beneficial both physically and mentally. Willemijn mixes breath work, meditation and  poses that are both standard hatha but also innovative bodywork that helps my aging body. Outside the studio is where the real joy is however. Willemijn has programmes that bring us outside to nature and inside to understand ourselves.  Her work is truly looking beyond the very needed body movement and stretching yoga provides, but also to harness the whole you, and brings people together into a community. I feel I found my tribe, and as a result has made my integration into VRSA a very transformative and delightful experience.



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Studio Bamboo
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